New Panerai Luminor Due 38mm replica watches for sale

In the collective psyche of watch lovers, Panerai is synonymous with the giant, powerful instrument diving watch. This, after all, is what the brand envisioned in the 1930s. The brand isn’t afraid to make a standard 45mm product, or even a 50mm product (or more). However, it was the 2000s and demand changed. In 2016, Panerai launched the Luminor Due collection, a series of smaller, thinner watches with a touch of elegance. Today, with the release of Panerai Luminor Due 38mm replica watches, the size is further reduced.

The SIHH 2018 collection brings several new watches to the Luminor Due collection. The main novelty, however, is the introduction of a smaller diameter: 38 mm. Yes, no errors, Panerai Replica Watches now offers watches under 40 mm! No, they’re not for ladies – of course, even some of our female readers will find the opportunity to finally wear Panerai. Since Panerai is primarily a men’s brand, these new Panerai Luminor Due 3 days automatically Acciaio 38mm PAM00755 and PAM00903 are their first choice.

First, there are no surprises in style, design or functionality. The new 38mm diameter means reducing all elements without touching the basics of the Luminor Due series. The shape of the watch remains true to what we know and the iconic style of Panerai. The case is cushioned, the ear is straight and hollow, and the crown is protected by the trademark Luminor device. In short, it feels familiar. Those who already like the Luminor will enjoy this iteration, and those who don’t will not completely change their mind.

The new diameter of 38 mm completely changes the feeling of fake Panerai Luminor Due watches on the wrist It’s not just the area of the watch. Of course, this will result in the watch eventually sitting on the wrist rather than the wrist. In addition, a smaller diameter means different proportions, because the diameter/height ratio (38 mm x 11.2 mm) goes back a little bit larger, which to me is “more Panerai”. Remember, 38 millimeters is still male diameter.

The new Panerai Luminor Due 3 days automatically Acciaio 38mm has two versions available: PAM00755 with anthracite core dial and PAM00903 with ivory dial. Both have the signature  Swiss Panerai Watches style, one with the iconic sandwich dial and baton index, the other with Arabic numerals and dots. Hand, inscription, and display all fit the previous watch made by the brand, so there is no surprise here. The advantage of these smaller diameters is to place the date window once where it should be, at the edge of the dial.