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Panerai Luminor Due 38 is a smaller version of the classic Luminor style case and dial that most people think of when they hear the name Panerai. The cushion shape of the case, the prominent ear, the raised ring, and most importantly the crown – Panerai replica watches trademark. Open the crown cover to use the crown, which allows you to manually rotate the core inside and set the time and date.

In fact, this new OPXXXIV is called the bm12-1975a core when used by Baume&Mercier at its Clifton Baumatic. It’s hard to know how the campaign will work in the long run at this early stage, but the Baumatic report was very positive. However, it should be noted that when use this by Richemont Panerai movement is now at the group level and development of new they choose to use traditional Nivarox hairspring rather like Baume&Mercier use made of silicon. The Panerai version also has a three-day power reserve, compared with the five Baumatic models. There are two kinds of stainless steel to choose from: dark gray and white perspective changes seen here by sunlight. There is also the rose-gold version with a transparent back, allowing people to see how best fake Panerai watches uses a collectively-designed core and makes it look like a Panerai core.

The grey dial-up version uses the traditional mezzanine table-welcome attribute, and some entry-level Panerais do not have the Luminor Base logo. If you flip the watch over, one thing you’ll notice is that its closed bottom cover has the appearance of being screwed in, but that’s not the case. Like two larger cheap fake Panerai Luminor Due watches, the watch is only 30 meters waterproof. The sub-diving depth rating remains a criticism of Luminor Due by some viewers and critics.

During Panerai’s tenure at SIHH, I first encountered this 38mm Luminor Due. The feeling for the watch was immediately positive. As we all know, our watch aesthetic is related to watches, which tend to focus on retro designs for smaller sizes, and if the new Luminor doesn’t check the two boxes in a powerful way. However, I have to admit that I fell in love with the watch at first sight. In theory, I like the smaller shape of Panerai, but I also think big watches are the whole Panerai. After all, big padded watches are a feature of Swiss Panerai Watches. Therefore, making a small Luminor is a model for watchmakers to get out of the professional world. It feels strange.


Best Panerai Luminor Due Replica – From Divers Watch to Dress Watches

The Panerai replica watches doesn’t exactly fit the dress code. In particular, the thickness of most of their lineups, which can easily exceed 15/16mm, is impeded. Panerai owners had to turn to other brands to “dress up” for a special event, but the Luminor Due series changed that. The new model, which was launched in Florence in May, has a redesigned case with a thickness of 10,50mm and a redesigned dial. The new Luminor Due will not abandon Panerai’s DNA, like the classic crown protection with a seal rod, typical Arabic numerals and multilayer dial. This is a considerable achievement. The main challenge is to strike a balance between crown thickness and coil comfort. The design team was absolutely successful, especially the Luminor Due Oro Rosso, with its charming anthracite color dial, which we consider to be a dress watch.

The classic Panerai dial displays 3,6 and 12 luminous Arabic numerals as well as other time periods’ hour markings and a small 9 o ‘clock hand. The new Luminor Due comes in two sizes, 316L steel and 18K 5N red gold (the reddest gold). We think 42mm is the perfect size for the red and gold version. Instead of a black dial, Panerai decided to use the anthracite color dial Oro Rosso, a perfect match. The stainless steel version USES a sunprint black dial. While the fake Panerai Luminor watches models are usually alternately polished and brushed, all four new Luminor Due versions (steel and gold, two sizes) are fully polished. Once again, the new collection’s “dress watch attributes” are highlighted.

When you turn the cheap Panerai replica watches over, you will find that both sizes are equipped with different movements. The 42mm Luminor Due Acciaio (Acciaio means steel) hosts the P1000 core, the manual core has a 3-day power reserve, and the 42mm Luminor Due Oro Rosso has a hollow-out version of the core called p1000/10. Large drawstring finish bridge is hollowed out to show part of the core, including two main clockwork barrels. The balance is fixed by the bridge rather than by rotation. The oscillation rate is 28.800 BPH. Both sports have the function of zeroing.

The 45 mm Luminor Due Acciaio and Oro Rosso adopt the new P4000 (P4000/10) core, automatically chain up, with eccentric micro-rotor. Both models can be distinguished from 42mm by the word “automatic” on the dial. The 45mm Luminor Due dial also has the Arabic word “9” on it, alongside a small second dial, while the smaller 42mm model does not have a “9”.

The 45mm model is slightly higher than the 42mm version: 10, 70mm instead of 10, 50mm. The new P4000 is best fake Panerai watches thinnest automated core, thanks to its embedded eccentric rotor, which can rotate in two directions. The machine core is also equipped with two main clockwork boxes for 3 days of power reserve and strong balance bridge. Again, we commend the P4000 core for its zero reset capability. In the red and gold version, the bridge is decorated with round drawing and gilding, while the 22-carat gold swing is decorated with Clous DE Paris.

New Panerai Luminor Due 38mm replica watches for sale

In the collective psyche of watch lovers, Panerai is synonymous with the giant, powerful instrument diving watch. This, after all, is what the brand envisioned in the 1930s. The brand isn’t afraid to make a standard 45mm product, or even a 50mm product (or more). However, it was the 2000s and demand changed. In 2016, Panerai launched the Luminor Due collection, a series of smaller, thinner watches with a touch of elegance. Today, with the release of Panerai Luminor Due 38mm replica watches, the size is further reduced.

The SIHH 2018 collection brings several new watches to the Luminor Due collection. The main novelty, however, is the introduction of a smaller diameter: 38 mm. Yes, no errors, Panerai Replica Watches now offers watches under 40 mm! No, they’re not for ladies – of course, even some of our female readers will find the opportunity to finally wear Panerai. Since Panerai is primarily a men’s brand, these new Panerai Luminor Due 3 days automatically Acciaio 38mm PAM00755 and PAM00903 are their first choice.

First, there are no surprises in style, design or functionality. The new 38mm diameter means reducing all elements without touching the basics of the Luminor Due series. The shape of the watch remains true to what we know and the iconic style of Panerai. The case is cushioned, the ear is straight and hollow, and the crown is protected by the trademark Luminor device. In short, it feels familiar. Those who already like the Luminor will enjoy this iteration, and those who don’t will not completely change their mind.

The new diameter of 38 mm completely changes the feeling of fake Panerai Luminor Due watches on the wrist It’s not just the area of the watch. Of course, this will result in the watch eventually sitting on the wrist rather than the wrist. In addition, a smaller diameter means different proportions, because the diameter/height ratio (38 mm x 11.2 mm) goes back a little bit larger, which to me is “more Panerai”. Remember, 38 millimeters is still male diameter.

The new Panerai Luminor Due 3 days automatically Acciaio 38mm has two versions available: PAM00755 with anthracite core dial and PAM00903 with ivory dial. Both have the signature  Swiss Panerai Watches style, one with the iconic sandwich dial and baton index, the other with Arabic numerals and dots. Hand, inscription, and display all fit the previous watch made by the brand, so there is no surprise here. The advantage of these smaller diameters is to place the date window once where it should be, at the edge of the dial.